Why study abroad with JYM?

Students who study abroad in Germany with the Junior Year in Munich become part of a unique, distinguished tradition that emerged as a response to the devastating consequences of two world wars. Not only did the junior year abroad movement of the 1920s begin in Germany with JYM, but with the re-opening of JYM by Wayne State University in 1953, JYM became the first junior year abroad program in postwar Germany to promote German-American friendship and understanding.

JYM today has gone far beyond its origins in the junior year abroad movement. Today the program operates academic year and one-semester programs, offers internship experiences and incredible undergraduate research opportunities that were unimaginable when the program first started more than half a century ago. At the same time, JYM still insists on continuing the tradition of academically integrated study abroad – a program model that offers maximum opportunity for the academic, cultural, and social immersion of students studying abroad in Germany as German university students.

While on JYM, students experience Germany as only an insider can. Our insistence upon full immersion and university integration has stood the test of time, and defines how JYM is different from many other study abroad programs in Germany today. And of course, it goes without saying that German is the official language of JYM and all instruction is in German.

In addition, we also see ourselves as caretakers of the aspirations of JYM's founders, who believed firmly that JYM could indeed make a difference, not only in the lives of its students but also in transatlantic relations. To this end we have engaged students with a series of Conferences and Events at JYM, and through our JYM Job Board we actively connect students to job openings and career opportunities where German language proficiency and overseas experience is required or preferred.

Join us in Munich!

The Junior Year in Munich provides students a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for personal growth, exploration and reflection – and all within a foreign environment which they first learn to negotiate successfully, and all experienced and expressed in a language not their own.

If you're ready to begin that journey, come to Munich with JYM!