Visit JYM

We are happy to welcome study abroad advisors, faculty and alumni to JYM. Please contact JYM in Detroit for directions and take note of JYM's program calendar as well as when there are holidays in Munich before arranging your travel plans. Advisors and faculty interested in conducting a site-visit are requested to contact the Detroit Office ahead of time, so that we can better assist you.

Please note that JYM is closed on German holidays, and has limited hours between JYM programs in August.

If you are planning to visit JYM in Munich during the academic year (roughly October through July), please note that the office is closed on German holidays observed in Bavaria. Between programs (roughly August and September) the JYM office has irregular office hours, so please contact office staff well ahead of time to see about when a visit might be possible.

The JYM Institute is located just a block from the Königsplatz subway station: 27 Richard Wagner Strasse. But please note that the entrance is around the corner on Gabelsbergerstrasse.