University Courses: LMU Munich or TUM

When applying to JYM, you must select whether you wish to be enrolled at LMU Munich or at the Technische Universität München (TUM). You may not be enrolled at both.

Please read FAQ University Enrollment Options (PDF) for more information.

Identifying University Courses you would like to take

On the JYM Application Form there is a section called Proposed Schedule of Courses. This is where you will list the combination of JYM and LMU Munich classes, or JYM and TUM classes you intend to take while in Munich.

When it comes to listing university courses, flexibility is required because you are applying to the JYM program 6-8 months in advance of the actual University semester(s) during which you intend to study in Munich. You will need to take into account that detailed information, e.g. the syllabus for a course to be offered at a future date, may not yet be available at the time you are researching possible course offerings.

Courses at German universities often change from semester to semester, and the final schedule of classes (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) will only be available shortly before each semester begins. Therefore you should expect to make adjustments to the Proposed Schedule of Courses when you arrive in Munich for Orientation, and you will need to inform your home school of any changes should that be required of you.

Studies at LMU Munich & How to Research Courses

Studies at TUM & How to Research Courses