Discover Germany - Explore Europe

A JYM student once said that you can leave Munich in the morning for a cappuccino in Italy, return via Austria for a Wienerschnitzel or Sachertorte in the afternoon, and make it back to Munich by night for a well-deserved Radler with friends in the English Garden!

Munich BahnhofWhen you study abroad in Germany with JYM, you'll experience more than Munich. Whether you wish to follow the Romantic Road to Rothenburg, or spend the weekend in Venice, Munich is ideally located to begin all your travels - especially during the two month semester break that full year students get to enjoy! Deutsche Bahn student discounted tickets and low-budget airlines make travel to nearly any place in Europe a breeze.


"The greatest part about being in Munich was being able to spontaneously travel to Paris or Rome for a weekend. The freedom to travel around Europe was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." (Peter, University of Pennsylvania)

One thing we can promise; after JYM, you'll never look at weekends the same again!

Getting Around Town

Orientation by BikeMunich is a very biker-friendly city, and most JYM students buy a second-hand bike while they are in Germany. (When you get to Munich, ask JYM's resident director, Herr Söder, about the really cool old bikes he collects!) Munich also has a fantastic mass transportation system which includes subways, trams, and buses. In fact, the subway stop at JYM (Königsplatz) resembles a museum! Since JYM students are enrolled at LMU Munich, they can get student rates for a monthly pass. On the other hand, you can do it the old fashioned way and walk! Munich is one of those cities where you can walk forever and always find yourself surrounded by something beautiful. Give it a try!


European City Seminars

Berlin seminar"Ich lerne sehen" is the recurring theme of Rilke's novel about a young poet in Paris, and the conceptual framework for JYM's optional European City Seminars.

More than travel tours, these seminars to such places as Berlin, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, Weimar and beyond, provoke inquiry into Europe as an opened book that needs to be not only seen, but also understood. Depending upon student interest, JYM may arrange and partially subsidize optional European City Seminars throughout the year.

Because participation is optional, the cost is not included in the Program Fee. Interested students should budget approximately 350 € to cover travel, lodging and meals per European City Seminar.