JYM — a Distinguished Tradition

Study at the No. 1 ranked university in Germany,
with the oldest study abroad program in Germany!

JYM 1956
America's oldest Study Abroad Progam in Germany

Students who study abroad in Germany with JYM become part of a distinguished tradition. Not only did the junior year abroad movement in Germany begin with JYM, but with the re-opening of JYM by Wayne State University in 1953, JYM became the first junior year abroad program in postwar Germany. More than 4,780 students from 514 US colleges and universities have studied abroad in Munich since 1953 with JYM — America's oldest study abroad program in Germany.

"I've had another study abroad experience that I really enjoyed, but JYM is unique because it was a program that was designed a long time ago and the spirit of the program is different than what other study abroad programs offer." (Maria, The George Washington University)

Affiliations & Participating Colleges/Universities


LMU LichthofStudy at Germany's top ranked University
JYM continues to expand upon and enhance a singular mission: to integrate US undergraduate students with studies in their major at a German university. As a JYM student, you'll be enrolled at the prestigious Ludwig Maximilians Universität München (LMU Munich), ranked the best university in Germany in 2011/12 by the Times Higher Education magazine. A vast selection of courses in 150 degree-granting subject areas awaits you, allowing you to experience what it's really like to attend a Germany university in practically any field of study.

"I loved JYM because it combined the opportunity to study at a great German university with a very helpful support system. I also liked that one can tailor their own experience to their tastes." (Jason, University of Pennsylvania)

About Ludwig Maximilians Universität München (LMU Munich)
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StuStadtImmerse yourself in German Life and Culture
You'll experience Germany as only an insider can. Our insistence upon full immersion and university integration has stood the test of time, and defines how JYM is different from many other study abroad programs in Germany today. And it won't take long before you discover why Munich is rated the best city in Germany, and the most livable in the world! And of course, it goes without saying that German is the official language of JYM and all instruction is in German.

"Living in the StuStadt was one of the most valuable experiences of JYM. You cannot help but meet other people from other areas in Germany/Europe. Living there forces you to use your German and thus improve your speaking abilities." (William, University of Dallas)


ClassroomAcademic Standards of Excellence
The fact that JYM has continued to be the preferred program of choice for more than 60 years for students who really want to study at a German university must say something. JYM undergoes periodic external review to ensure that it meets the highest standards in academic programming, support, and student achievement.

"I have been a fan of the Junior Year in Munich for years and always advise Harvard students to choose this program. I am firmly convinced that it is by far the best study abroad program in Germany." (Prof. Peter Burgard, Harvard University)

Directors, Faculty & Staff
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JYM Staff & InstructorsJYM — Not a "Factory Program"
Because we have a clearly defined mission focusing on one country, and are not a so-called "program provider" that sends thousands of students to all corners of the world, JYM is able to offer exceptional personal service and support — from the moment students first inquire about the program to long after they have returned to the States. With JYM, students and their parents have only one number to call, with someone at the end of the line with a name and voice you will recognize who answers your call.

"I loved the fact that JYM was not a 'factory program.' JYM really cares about the students and provides amazing opportunities — Berlin Seminar, internships, hiking in the Alps, adventures in Budapest, etc. I truly believe JYM is the BEST study abroad program in Germany." (Megan, Kenyon College)

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Hans-Peter Soeder and JYM studentsWhen HP is not a Printer
The reputation of a study abroad program rests upon the shoulders of its resident director. JYM's resident director in Munich is Prof. Hans-Peter Söder (aka Herr Söder or HP), holds a Ph.D. in German Intellectual History from Cornell University. An active scholar of German philosophy, whose publications range from Nietzsche to Postmodernity and the state of the German university, Prof. Söder has unrivaled academic credentials to individually challenge, assist and mentor students as they forge their own way through the study abroad experience. Plus he's got a great sense of humor, and lots of old bikes! (By the way, the program director in Detroit was also a JY student!)

"Whatever it is you could want to do here, JYM will find a way to make it possible." (Matt, University of Pennsylvania)

Prof. Hans-Peter Söder, JYM resident director in Munich
Prof. Mark Ferguson, JYM program director in Detroit