JYM Internship Program with ThyssenKrupp Steel

JYM is pleased to offer an exclusive, 8-week paid internship in Germany for US engineering students, arranged in combination with the JYM full-year or second semester programs.

What makes this program unique?

This program has been designed for students enrolled in BS/BA dual-degree or certificate programs in German and Engineering in the US. Unlike many other engineering internship programs in Germany for US students, prior German language is required.

As an intern at ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, you'll have an exceptional opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in research or production with one of the world's leading steel producing companies. In addition, you'll also learn first-hand about the global steel industry, the skill sets that constitute preferred competencies within the industry, and potential employment opportunities.

What type of internships are available?

Depending on your interest, internships may be arranged for students of materials & metallurgical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering.

When will the internship take place?

For full year students, the internship will take place during the semester break.
For second semester-only students, the internship will take begin in mid-January. After you complete your internship at ThyssenKrupp Steel AG in northwestern Germany, you'll travel south to the Bavarian capital of Munich where you'll join up with JYM for our second semester program.
The exact dates will be determined by ThyssenKrupp Steel.

Where will the internship take place?

The internship will be individually customized to match your area of interest. Depending on your area of interest, you may be placed in Duisburg (crude steel production and heavy plate steelmaking), Dortmund (rolling mills and coating plants for the automobile industry), or Bochum (industry, distribution, services). Our partners at ThyssenKrupp Steel will assist you with finding housing during the time of your internship.


Please note that JYM does not award credit for this internship.

Eligibility & Admission requirements:

Students must meet the regular admission requirements for JYM, and be accepted to JYM.
In addition, they must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


March 15 (for full-year students)
August 1  (for second semester only students)   please note the early date!

How to Apply

1) ThyssenKrupp Steel Internship Application Instructions (PDF)

2) Application Supplement for ThyssenKrupp Steel Internship (Word)

Resume in German

Sample Lebenslauf [PDF]; ask your German instructor for assistance

To help with vocabulary, visit http://www.dict.cc/