On-Site Support in Munich


The JYM institute (where JYM language courses and area studies electives are taught) is centrally located in the city center, not far from the Kunst-Areal (museum district) and many university buildings. Six of Munich's world-renowned museums are just a few minutes walk from JYM!

The institute is located in a historic turn-of-the-century building and includes an extensive library collection, study area and lounge, classrooms, computers and wireless networking capability. Throughout the year, our institute is used for JYM course instruction, guest speaker and special events, personal and educational support when needed, or simply as a place to sit back and relax when desired.

Professor Hans-Peter Söder is JYM's full-time Resident Director in Munich. He holds a Ph.D. in German Intellectual History from Cornell University. He is assisted by two full-time JYM Academic Coordinators, Sommer Forschner and Patricia Thill, and JYM teaching faculty. In addition to the support provided by JYM staff in Munich, the Studentenwerk München, which operates the student residence halls and student cafeterias in Munich, provides a wide range of support services for students matriculated at all universities in Munich.

JYM students on the academic year program live alongside other university students in the popular "Student City" (Studentenstadt), located next to the English Garden (the largest urban park in Europe – larger than New York's Central Park) and about 15 minutes from the city center with public transportation. Students live in small but cozy efficient apartments that come with their own kitchen space (countertop burners, refrigerator, and cupboards), private shower/ WC, bed, desk, balcony, and internet connectivity. Students are placed in difference residence halls, and each floor has its own common area (GAP) where students come together to watch TV, share meals, have parties, or just hang out and relax. In the Studentstadt there are student-run tutoring programs, extra-curricular workshops and courses, cafes, restaurants and dance clubs. JYM students on the second-semester program may be placed either in the Studentenstadt or in other similar university housing, such as the Olympiadorf, depending on availability.