What do People say about JYM?

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Program Quality

"I have been a fan of the Junior Year in Munich for years and always advise Harvard students to choose this program. I am firmly convinced that it is by far the best study abroad program in Germany."
(Prof. Peter Burgard, Harvard University)

Student Support

"Dear Louise, Thank you so much for all your fantastic assistance to us JYM'ers! JYM is a great program thanks to your help — my other friends studying abroad had to call 1-800 numbers and talk to machines before they got a person, but you are just one phone call away. We are all very indebted to you!! Thank you again and greetings from lovely Munich." (Kristin, Trinity University)

"I loved JYM because it combined the opportunity to study at a great German university with a very helpful support system. I also liked that one can tailor their own experience to their tastes." (Jason, University of Pennsylvania)

Attention to Individual Needs

"I loved the fact that JYM was not a 'factory program.' JYM really cares about the students and provides amazing opportunities — Berlin Seminar, internships, hiking in the Alps, adventures in Budapest, etc. I truly believe JYM is the BEST study abroad program in Germany." (Megan, Kenyon College)

"The connections that JYM has are simply amazing. During the semester break I had an internship in the German Bundestag, working directly under a member of Parliament and learning first-hand the way government works. Whatever it is you could want to do here, JYM will find a way to make it possible." (Matt, University of Pennsylvania)

Cultural Immersion

"The major value of the program to me was the chance to live in Germany as any German would, the chance to learn the language, meet great people, and to gain some practical experience which looks great on my resume!"
(Daniel, Wayne State University)

"A major value of the program to me was the ability to branch out into German culture, language, academia and sports, while having a solid support staff and JYM base behind me. I had a wonderful experience, but I did a lot on my own by using JYM as a starting block." (Corbin, Hamilton College)

Language Learning

"I never felt like a class so greatly improved my German as the AGL classes provided by JYM." (Justin, George Mason University)

Living in Munich

"Living in the StuStadt was one of the most valuable experiences of JYM. You cannot help but meet other people from other areas in Germany/Europe. Living there forces you to use your German and thus improve your speaking abilities."
(William, University of Dallas)

"JYM gave me the opportunity to live and mix with a completely different group of people in a new place, experience a new culture and become a member of a new society — all while helping me grow socially, intellectually and learn German!" (Leslie, Principia College)

"The greatest part about being in Munich was being able to spontaneously travel to Paris or Rome for a weekend. The freedom to travel around Europe was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." (Peter, University of Pennsylvania)