Payment Information

Please feel free to contact Louise at (313) 577-4605 or by email at to discuss any tuition related matters.


Tuition and Fees payable to Wayne State University

You will receive a payment reminder from the JYM Detroit office at the start of each semester. Your account at Wayne State University will be charged $10,300 each semester, in September and January. Students and/or parents can check their account balance on the Wayne State "Pipeline" system.

September 1, Payment due for first semester ($10,300)

January 10, Payment due for second semester ($10,300)



Paying by check by mail: Please make checks payable to: Wayne State University and mail to: Louise Speed, Junior Year in Munich, 401 Manoogian Hall, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202

Paying by check online: Wayne State has an online payment system for bank-to-bank transfer payments (Automated Clearing House system, ACH). There is no charge for this system. You can only access the system through your Pipeline account. You will need your Wayne State ID number, your Access ID, and your Pipeline password. Log in to Pipeline, click the Student tab, click Student Financial Records, then Online Tuition Payments.

Paying in installments: Installment payment plans allow students/parents to make tuition payments in easy monthly installments. Students can enroll for the first or second semester or choose both as an annual plan. You will need your Wayne State I.D. number to enroll. To learn more about the various plans, choose one of the following:

• Academic Management Services (AMS) -
Tel: 1-866-884-8466

• Tuition Management Systems (TMS) -
Tel: 1-800-722-4867

Paying by credit card: Credit card payments can be made online, or by calling 1-866-520-7786. (The JYM office cannot process your credit card payment.) Credit card payments are accepted and processed by CASHNET Smartpay, a third party processor operating under an agreement with Wayne State University. Be aware that there is a 2.9% "service fee" charged to all credit card payments. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.