JYM Institute in Munich

If you are interested in applying to JYM, or have any questions about the program or application process, please direct your questions to the Detroit Office.

JYM InstituteWhen contacting JYM's Munich Office, you will be greeted by Patricia Thill and Sommer Forschner, our Academic Coordinators, who assist the Resident Director and students throughout the year.

A native of Vienna, Patricia Thill holds an M.A. in Theater and Journalism from the University of Vienna, as well as a European Diploma in Cultural Project Management. She has studied in London, and has directed transcultural theatrical productions.

Sommer Forschner is originally from Michigan and has an M.A. in German from Wayne State University.  She studied at the LMU Munich as recipient of Wayne State's Munich Graduate Exchange Fellowship, and as a resident of Munich now for over a decade she also has extensive knowledge of the city and its surroundings.

JYM's on-site Resident Director is Hans-Peter Söder, who holds a Ph.D. in German Intellectual History from Cornell University. He has taught in the US and lives year-round with his family in Munich where he and other JYM staff and instructors are available to assist and guide students throughout the year.

The JYM institute is centrally located near the city center and adjacent to the major museums of Munich. The institute has an extensive library collection, study area and lounge, classrooms, computers and wireless networking capability. Throughout the year, our institute is used for JYM course instruction, guest speaker and special events, personal and educational support when needed, and repose when desired.

Address & Contact Information

JYM InstituteJunior Year in Munich
an der Universität München
Richard-Wagner-Str. 27
80333 Munich, Germany

Prof. Hans-Peter Söder, Resident Director
Sommer Forschner and Patricia Thill, Academic Coordinators
Tel. 011-49-89 / 52 30 26 36
Fax 011-49-89 / 52 30 26 38

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