JYM at a Glance

A Distinguished Tradition
• Since 1953 - America's oldest study abroad program in Germany
• Affiliated with top-ranked university in Germany: LMU Munich
• 3800 alumni from 500 colleges & universities

Participating Colleges & Universities
Schools represented 2009-10 through 2011-12

Student Profile
Majors and Double-Majors
University courses taken

• Full-Year and Semester programs
• Internship opportunities
• Undergraduate Research opportunities
• Direct enrollment at LMU Munich
• Full-curriculum access at LMU Munich
• JYM area studies courses
• JYM advanced German language courses
• All instruction in German
• Field trips and excursions
• Wayne State University transcript

Student Support
• $50,000 in program scholarships awarded annually
• Centrally located JYM institute with classrooms, library, internet
• On-site Orientation Programs
• Full-time resident director on-site in Munich
• Full-time program director at Wayne State University
• Experienced, professional staff in Detroit and Munich
• Housing with Munich university students included in program fee
• Comprehensive Health Insurance included in program fee

Unique Opportunities
• Translation Studies
• Green Energy, Environment & Urban Studies
• Creative Writing
• Business and Engineering Internships
• Wide Range of Other Internships
• Service-Learning & Volunteer Opportunities
• European City Seminars
• Munich Summer Fellows Program
• Guest Speaker Series & Special Events
• German/American Networking Events
• JYM Alumni Job Board

Exceptional Quality
• Approved as an academic institute by the Academic Senate of LMU Munich
• Approved as an official course of study by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture
• Approved as an academic program at Wayne State University
• Reviewed internally and externally to meet US national standards