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JYM can help you across the bridge that takes you from college to job opportunity and career advancement. Since 2003, we have maintained a JYM Job Board for alumni who seek employment in which they can use their German language skills and draw upon their study abroad experience. We only post openings on the JYM Job Board for which German language skills are required or preferred.

For Job Seekers

Can I really get a job with German language skills & study abroad experience? . . . jobs with German

How do I prepare for a job or internship abroad? . . . planning ahead, Lebenslauf, interview, etc.

JYM Job Board . . . Current Opening and Links

For Job Givers

Employers are invited to send us info about job openings or internship opportunities, as long as the position description indicates that German language skills are a required or preferred qualification of employment.

How to submit an opening.