Comprehensive German Health Insurance

Students enrolled in the JYM program become insured by a German health insurance carrier (TKK, Techniker Krankenkasse) which meets the requirements set by the LMU Munich for the admission of foreign students to the university, as well as the requirements needed for students to receive the residency permit which allows them to live in Germany.

Using a German health insurance carrier has many advantages and benefits beyond basic health or travel insurance. Coverage includes both medical and dental treatment (incl. regular check-ups), as well as medications, bandages, medical aids, hospitalization, and medical treatment during rehabilitation.

TKK insurance, however, does not cover repatriation in the event of death (see ISIC below).

TKK Insurance when Travelling outside Germany

TKK insurance also covers students for medical, dental, and hospitalization expenses when they travel outside Germany (within the EU and in countries which have agreements with Germany), but ONLY if they take with them a "certificate of insurance for use outside of Germany" (Auslandskrankenschein) which can be obtained at TKK offices for a nominal fee.

Since students often decide at the last moment to travel outside Germany, we recommend they purchase the supplementary ADAC Auslands-krankenschutz upon arrival in Munich (about $15) which is valid for the entire year instead of obtaining a certificate each time they wish to travel outside Germany. Information will be provided during orientation in Munich.

ADAC Auslandskrankenschutz

JYM strongly encourages all students to purchase supplemental ADAC insurance which is honored everywhere except Germany and the student's country of citizenship. For about $15, students are covered for the entire year. Each time students leave Germany, they are covered for 45 days. ADAC (the German equivalent of the AAA) has a 24-hour hotline and translation service. Information on how to obtain ADAC insurance is provided during orientation.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

We strongly recommend that students obtain the International Student Identity Card before they leave for Germany. In addition to the many student discounts made possible by having this card, purchase includes a basic medical plan for emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains. The ISIC can be purchased for about $22 through the ISIC website ( Many university study abroad offices also may issue the ISIC.

Additional Accident Insurance

For students who desire additional accident insurance, the following US carrier offers a policy specifically designed for study abroad students, and is used by many reputable US programs:

CISI - Cultural Insurance Services International
River Plaza
9 West Broad Street
Stamford CT 06902-3788

tel. 1-800-303-8120