Housing, Meals, Part-Time Jobs, & Much More

StuStaCulum at StuStadtJYM students live alongside other university students in the popular Studentenstadt Freimann, located next to the English Garden, and about 10 minutes from the city center with public transportation. The "StuStadt" is where you'll begin to set down roots as Munich becomes your new home-away-from-home.

Students are placed in different Häuser, and each floor has its own common area (GAP) where students come together to watch tv, share meals, have parties or just hang out and relax.

ZimmerJYM students live in small but cozy efficiency apartments that come with their own kitchen space (countertop burners, refrigerator, cupboards), private shower/WC, bed, desk, balcony, and internet.

"Living in the StuStadt was one of the most valuable experiences of JYM. You cannot help but meet other people from other areas in Germany & Europe. Living there forces you to use your German and thus improve your speaking abilities." (William, University of Dallas)


But life in StuStadt involves more than just having a roof over your head. In addition to tutoring programs, extra-curricular workshops and courses, StuStadt has its own cafes and Diskotheken, e.g. the Tribühne and Pot (in the orange house), Bistro (in the red house), Manhattan (on the 21st floor of the green house), Cafe Dada and Mad Max (in the basement of the Max Kade House), and Underground (in the Egon Wiberg House). And StuStadt is also where the largest student theater and music festival in Germany takes place: StuStaCulum!


Student Services provided by the Studentenwerk München

In addition to the support provided by JYM staff in both Munich and Detroit, the Studentenwerk München, which operates student residence halls in Munich, provides a wide range of support services for students matriculated at all universities in Munich. Below are just some of the student services (in addition to housing and meals) which the Studentenwerk München provides free-of-charge, or at nominal cost:

• pyschological counseling (Psychosoziale und psychotherapeutische Beratung; Leopoldstrasse 15, 4th floor)
• a service for students seeking part-time work (der Studenten-Servis, Tumblinger Strasse 21)
• a center for legal advice (Rechtsberatungsstelle, Leopoldstrasse 15, Rm. 401)
• a student library (Studentenbibliothek des Studentenwerks, Leopoldstrasse 13, Haus 1)
• a student travel center (Reisedienst des Studentenwerks, located in the Mensa, Leopoldstrasse 13a)
• a student-run radio (M94,5 - das Radio in der Uni, www.afk.de)
• and more

Tip! (Look for the free "Wegweiser - Studieren in München" which the Studentenwerk München publishes at the beginning of each academic year. Available at Leopoldstrasse 15.



BrezelmannJYM students are like students anywhere when it comes to food. After a while they'll find out where the best deals are for meals, on-the-go snacks and groceries. JYM rooms in the StuStadt have a small kitchen space and shopping tips will be given during Orientation based on the discoveries of recent students. Because JYM students are matriculated at LMU Munich, they have access to the many student dining halls and cafeterias in Munich. The Studentenwerk München manages 8 large dining halls and 17 student cafeterias throughout the city. Basic meal prices range from approx. $1.30 to $3.00. What's for lunch today? Visit the Mensa!



FC BayernName your favorite sport and chances are you can do it in Munich. Soccer? Skiing? Extreme-frisbee in the English Garden? How does blade-night or even surfing in the city sound? Whether you like to swim, ice-skate, ride horses or just ride around on a bike, you can do it in Munich. Because you're enrolled at LMU Munich, you can take sports and fitness courses through the Central University Sports (ZHS — Zentraler Hochschulsport München). JYM students have participated Munich's football and basketball teams, the city marathon and triathlon, an international baseball team, ballroom dancing, and judo competition. But if you'd just rather do some extreme sitting in a cafe and watch everyone else get tired, that's fine too!

Part-time Jobs

Because JYM students are integrated with LMU Munich as offically matriculated students, they are allowed to get part-time jobs while in Munich. However, there are restrictions as to the amount of work you can do before you have to apply for a work permit. Visit the LMU Munich website for details. (more...)


Student Groups

You will not be alone when you arrive in Munich! There are many student groups that are familiar with JYM and they look forward to welcoming you to Munich. JYM can also connect you to activities that spark your interests. Recent students have participated in university orchestras, cathedral choirs, worked in the theatre on stagehand set construction, taught at an English language camp for German-speaking children, and volunteered at local schools and charities. We can't make new friends for you, but we easily can point you in their direction. So, take the plunge — You'll be glad you did!

MESA, the Erasmus Students Organization, is a great resource for all students coming to study in Munich. They organize a variety of inexpensive outings, activities and excursions (ranging from bike tours to soccer games and ski trips), which are open to everyone who wants to participate. Don't be shy - Visit MESA when you get to Munich! Website: www.lmu-mesa.org

Discover more Student Groups at: LMU Munich website

Night Life in Munich


Is JYM all work and no play? Hardly! JYM students are rumored to follow the tradition of the young 18th century poet and university student Gotthold Ephraim Lessing who recognized the value of setting aside his books now and then to go out among the people. Had Lessing been a JYM student, he would have arrived just in time for Oktoberfest!

Where to go? We'll let you find that out on your own. But for starters:

NOVATEXT publishes a "Splash Guide" called "Münchens beste Kneipen" with maps, reviews, and nightly bus/tram connections for cafes, clubs, bistros etc. in Munich. Preview a page at www.splashguides.de

Munich is also home to Europe's largest club mile: Kultfabrik (www.kultfabrik.de), formerly Kunstpark Ost. And don't forget that the StuStadt also has its own cafes and Diskotheken.

What's happening in Munich?

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