Hotels in Munich

This list below is for your information only. Wayne State University and the Junior Year in Munich do not endorse these hotels, nor are we responsible for the accuracy or content of any information found on their websites. Please direct any questions you may have about these hotels to the hotels themselves, and not to JYM. Thank you.

All prices are in Euros. The current exchange rate can be found at It is common that prices are listed in ranges since rooms vary in size, their location within the hotel (best view, etc.), or because they may or may not include the following:

- private toilet within the room
- common toilet in the hallway
- private shower in the room
- common shower in the hallway
- television and/or telephone

Most hotel room prices include continental breakfast and tax (16%), but not necessarily. Hotel prices are always higher during Oktoberfest and during the Trade Fair (Messe) season, i.e. most of summer. The hotels listed below range from first-class/four-star hotels to very modest yet functional pensions. Rooms in European hotels can be quite a bit smaller than what Americans may be accustomed to in the US, and "I gotta great-deal" single rooms (along with the size of their beds!) may surprise you. Most websites have a map of the hotel's location in Munich.

City Center
(close to Marienplatz and Viktualienmarkt)

King's Hotel Center
80 € ++

Hotel Jedermann
49-99 €

Hotel Pension Seibel
59-225 €

147-291 €

University Area
(close to both City Center and JYM)

Hotel Antares
75-115 €

Hotel Savoy
85-125 €

Hotel Carleton
99-139 €

Hotel Marienbad
50-165 €

(off of Leopoldstrasse; near English Garten)

Astoria Hotel
88-185 €