JYM Resident Director in Munich

Prof. Hans-Peter Söder (Ph.D. Cornell University)

A native of Karlsruhe, Germany, Prof. Hans-Peter Söder is Resident Director of the Junior Year in Munich and Adjunct Professor within the Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Wayne State University.

Prof. Söder studied at St. John's College in Maryland before receiving his M.A. in German Studies and Ph.D. in German Intellectual History from Cornell University. As a graduate student he studied at the University of Oslo, the Universität Bielefeld, the University of Tel Aviv, and served as Director of Cornell's International Language House. Before becoming JYM Resident Director in 1994, he was Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he held a joint appointment in the departments of Foreign Languages and History.

Prof. Söder's 20+ scholarly publications and 35+ conference papers range from Nietzsche, Heidegger and Postmodernity, to Cultural History, Globalism and National Literatures, Technology and the Humanities, and the state of the German university. He is also a published poet whose work (Helena at War. Munich–Berlin: 1882–1945) has been featured on Bavarian television!

Prof. Söder is Member of the Board of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas, the James Loeb Society, the German American Exchange, and a Member of the Bayerische Amerika-Akademie.

A lover of jokes, strange idioms, and anything old – from books to bicycles (preferably all in large quantities!), Prof. Söder lives year-round in Munich where he continues to refine his cross-cultural skills with his American wife Elizabeth and family.


Tel. (089) 52 35 08 33
Fax (089) 52 35 08 34

Prof. Söder's 20 years with JYM are celebrated in the 2014 Fall JYM Alumni Newsletter.



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