Junior Year in Munich Programs

If you are motivated and want to be challenged,
intellectually curious, open to new ideas,
and eager to discover a new world of experiences
— all in the German language,
then JYM is the right program for you!

JYM offers academic year and semester programs. You may customize your study abroad experience by combining coursework at LMU Munich and/or JYM with an independent research project or an internship.

Full-Year Program

If you really want to know Germany, live and breathe it for a year!

Spending an entire academic year abroad will be one of the most challenging, and yet most incredibly rewarding experiences to which you can commit yourself.

"When I first heard about JYM I thought, great! - I've found a quality year-long study abroad program in Germany. However, after being here for almost a year, I see it's more than just a study abroad program you're signing up for — it's unbelievable life changes that you just can't get from studying a foreign language at home. JYM provides not only education, but a life-style. You become not just another study abroad program participant, but a 'German' student for a year: you live in German student housing, and go to their university. When I think what I have gained from this program, words can not say how amazing it is — not only have I learned the language, but I have totally immersed myself in a different culture, and gained perspectives and experiences that will stay with me the rest of my life." (Greta, College of St. Benedict & St. John's University)

The JYM Full-Year Program begins late September with an On-Site Orientation program, followed by enrollment at LMU Munich for the Wintersemester (WiSe). Classes at LMU Munich and at JYM begin mid-October and end early February. Following a two-month break (during which time most students either travel or have an internship), classes resume for the Sommersemester (SoSe), and conclude at the end of July. See Program Calendars for exact dates. The Application Deadline is March 15.

One Semester Options

I. First Semester only (Wintersemester)

Because the German Wintersemester runs from October through early February, it is normally not practical to enroll for the first semester only. Contact JYM if you have questions.

FAQ: Can I leave at the end of December so that I can be back at my home school in January?

No. Students are expected to complete the entire program, which includes the entire German university semester. We do not offer a truncated semester option. Students may not leave the program early, e.g. in December or January.

II. Second Semester only (Sommersemester)

The JYM Second Semester program begins with an On-Site Orientation program, followed by enrollment at LMU Munich for the Sommersemester (SoSe). See Program Calendars for exact dates. The Application Deadline is Oct. 1.

Second Semester only (Sommersemester)

Internship Program in Germany for Engineering Students

JYM is pleased to offer an exclusive internship program in Germany for US engineering students. The program consists of an 8-week internship at ThyssenKrupp Steel in the industrial Ruhrgebiet, followed by a semester of study in Munich with JYM. Details...