Undergraduate Research Projects

Whatever your interest, whatever your passion, JYM can arrange amazing research opportunities for you.

Are you working on a DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship proposal?
Do you need to write a senior thesis?
Is a capstone research project part of your degree requirements?

Many students use their time in Munich to work on these projects under the guidance and supervision of our resident director, Prof. Hans-Peter Söder (Ph.D. Cornell) and JYM staff. They'll make sure that your research project consists of something you simply could not do back home, help you gain access to many of Munich famous libraries and archives, and will guide you in your research.

What kinds of projects have JYM students done recently?
Take a look at our 2013-14 Undergraduate Research brochure (PDF)

Whether your interests include contemporary history and politics, literature and art, theater and film, international business, the sciences or philosophy, JYM can help you formulate a research project when you arrive in Munich. If you already have a topic in mind, feel free to email Prof. Söder for advice and suggestions. With approval from your advisor, enter JYG 4900 Undergraduate Research Project (3 cr) when completing your Proposed Schedule of Courses.

Other examples of research projects completed by JYM students include:

• Art Restoration
• Challenges for Global Managers
• In the Footsteps of Theodor Storm
• The North and South in German Literature
• Georg Simmel's Philosophie des Geldes
• The JYM Experience in Film
• Stainglass Windows in Germany (The Mayersche Hofkunstanstalt)
• Fürst Pückler's English Garden in Görlitz
• German Rap Music
• Utopia in Michael Ende's Social Criticism
• The Politics of Derestoration: The Königsplatz Forum
• Lou Salomé, Nietzsche and Feminism
• Restoring the City: German Urban Planning in the new Länder
• Physics in Germany Today: From Max Planck to Nanoscience
• Another Discourse on Method: Proof and Creativity in the Sciences
• Ecology in Germany: Der grüne Punkt
• Alternative Medicine in Germany Today
• Politics in Goethe´s Wahlverwandschaften
• Structural Transformation in the Industrial Ruhrgebiet
• Totentänze in Bayern
• The Bavarian-Czech Relationship
• Jacob Grimm und der Nationalismus
• The Anglicization of European Languages
• Musik als die Linse der türkischen Erfahrung in Deutschland
• Finitismus
• Kulturelle Schlagwörter in Goethes Faust
• Food - A Gateway to Cultural Experience