Coursework Options

JYM's mission is to help students take coursework at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich). Given that there are literally thousands of courses offered at LMU Munich, students must familiarize themselves with how to find courses on their own that match their interests. We provide extensive instructions on this website. Please follow the links below.

Students with strong German language abilities may begin taking all their coursework at LMU Munich immediately. Students wishing a more gradual integration into the German university system may first want to take a combination of JYM area studies courses and LMU Munich courses. JYM courses are described on this website.

A typical student class schedule consists of a combination of JYM and LMU Munich courses. Students create their own class schedule from the following options:

JYM Courses
All students are required to take Advanced German Language (JYG 3100/3200) each semester. JYM area studies courses are electives. They have been designed to bridge the transition from US-style to German-style university studies, and include field trips to cultural events and sites of historical interest in and around Munich.

LMU Munich Courses
All JYM students* are directly enrolled at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich) and have access to the full university curriculum except medicine and law.

TUM Courses
Qualified students may take coursework in engineering and the sciences at the Technische Universität München (TUM).*

• Art History & Studio Art
JYM offers students majoring in art history or the studio arts incredible opportunities for studying art or creating art projects while on the program. For an overview, see JYM for Art Students (PDF)

JYM students of art have the extraordinary opportunity to undertake studio art projects with the acclaimed artist of subliminal expression, Ugo Dossi, using a variety of media – from drawing and sculpture to video. His work was selected for exhibition at Documenta (next to Venice's Biennale the most important exhibition of modern and contemporary art in the world that takes place in Kassel, Germany every five years), and is on display at nearly 50 museums in Europe. Watch the Interview with Ugo Dossi on YouTube!

Translation Studies
Students wishing to focus on translation may take coursework at Das Fremdspracheninstitut der Landeshauptstadt München (Munich`s College of Translation Studies).

Undergraduate Research Projects
JYM can help students customize a research project that matches their interests and needs.

Internships for Credit
JYM provides an opportunity for students to earn credit for academic work done in conjunction with an internship.

* Students may not be enrolled at both the Technische Universität München (TUM) and LMU Munich; enrollment at only one university is allowed.