Making Connections outside of JYM

You will not be alone when you arrive in Munich!

The easiest way to meet people and make friends outside JYM is to get involved with your floor-mates and hang out in the common area (GAP) on each floor. There also are many student groups that are familiar with JYM and they look forward to welcoming you to Munich. We can't make new friends for you, but we easily can point you in their direction. So, take the plunge – You'll be glad you did!

International, Humanitarian, Religious, Career-Oriented Student Groups
LGBT Support Groups

JYM can connect you to activities that match your interests. Recent students have participated in university orchestras, cathedral choirs, worked on theatre set construction, taught at an English language camp for German-speaking children, and volunteered at local schools and charities.

Getting a part-time job is another way to get connected and involved in Munich. As a JYM student matriculated at LMU Munich, you are allowed to get a part-time job while in Munich. However, there are restrictions as to the amount of work can do before you have to apply for a work permit. Visit the LMU Munich website for details about part-time work in Munich

And then of course there are organized events such as festivals and parties. JYM students are rumored to follow the tradition of the young 18th century poet and university student Gotthold Ephraim Lessing who recognized the value of setting aside his books now and then to go out among the people. Had Lessing been a JYM student, he would have arrived just in time for Oktoberfest! Where to go? We'll let you find that out on your own . . .