Internships arranged through Cultural Vistas

The Junior Year in Munich has formed a partnership with Cultural Vistas (formerly CDS International and AIPT) that allows students to integrate internship experience with their academic schedule of coursework during the second semester (SoSe).

Duration: The internship is usually three days a week during the entire semester, and students are required to register for three additional courses for a semester total of 15 credits.

Credits: Students earn credit for academic work associated with the internship, not for the internship experience alone. In order to receive a final course grade for JYG 5890 Overseas Internship (6 credits), students must submit an Internship Portfolio (PDF) to the JYM resident director by the end of the semester in which the internship occurred.

How to Apply

1. Obtain Your Advisor's Approval

Because each school may have a different policy governing the granting of academic credit for internship experience, you will need to work closely with the advisor who approves your Proposed Schedule of Courses on the JYM application.

2. Complete the Junior Year in Munich Application Form

Follow the instructions under "How to Apply" from the main menu of the left.

3. Compile the Documents required by Cultural Vistas

Download the Cultural Vistas Internship Application Supplement (Word)

Plan ahead! You will need to provide:
• a German language Lebenslauf (here is a sample Lebenslauf as PDF)
• an English language Resume
• a Personal Statement regarding your expectations
• a completed Participant Request Form

4. Send all Documents to JYM at the same time

Send both the Cultural Vistas Internship Application Supplement material required and the JYM Application Form together to JYM in Detroit by March 15 for the full year program, and by October 1 for the Second Semester program.

Notification of Acceptance

Based on the information you provide on the Internship Form, Cultural Vistas will inform JYM if they are able to secure an internship for you that matches your interests and field of study. If yes, Cultural Vistas will then contact you directly, ask for additional information if needed, and arrange a telephone interview.