If you are interested in applying to JYM, or have any questions about the program or application process, please direct your questions to the Detroit Office.

Application Instructions


JYM is a study abroad program for students currently enrolled at US colleges and universities.
Please see our Admission Requirements.

Application Deadlines:

Full-year and first semester only
JYM has a rolling admission policy and normally already begins admitting students to the full year program in late January. Applications for the full-year and first semester only programs should be submitted after the end of the fall semester and not later than March 15. Please send your application so that it arrives in our office by March 15.

Second semester only
Please send your application so that it arrives in our office by October 1.

A complete application includes the following:

(Please disregard the $30 application fee mentioned in the JYM brochure. It is no longer required.)

1) The four-page application

2) A transcript showing coursework and grades for your first three semesters (or four quarters), or all coursework to date if you are above sophomore standing

3) A letter of recommendation from your most recent German language instructor that includes his/her rank and department affiliation. (E-mail recommendations are acceptable. They should be sent to JYM@wayne.edu)

4) If you wish to study at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), you must apply to both JYM and the TUM. Please follow the additional instructions on this website for study at the TUM

5) If you are applying for a Cultural Vistas internship, please return the "Cultural Vistas Internship Form" with your JYM Application

6) If you wish to apply for JYM Scholarship assistance, please return the JYM Scholarship Application Form with your JYM Application

Download the Application Form

Please send completed applications to:

Louise Speed, Assistant to the Director
Junior Year in Munich
906 W. Warren Ave.
401 Manoogian Hall
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan 48202

tel: (313) 577-4605
fax: (313) 577-3266
E-mail: JYM@wayne.edu