How to Request your JYM Transcript

Your JYM transcript for your year or semester with the program is kept permanently on record by the Office of the Registrar at Wayne State University.

If you attended JYM in 2005-06 or later, you can order an official electronic copy online through Wayne State’s “Academica” portal (go to:  You will need your Access ID and will most likely need to reset your password.  Contact JYM ( if you do not know your Access ID.  Or, you can use the “Alternate Transcript Request LogIn.”

Here is a link to the information and instructions:

If you attended prior to 2005-06, a sheet with your JYM coursework needs to be manually attached to the official WSU transcript and it cannot be sent electronically. You still need to log in and complete the online form (“Former Students & Alumni”), but on the Transcript Delivery Method drop down menu, select “Transcript Sent by US Mail w/Attachment.”  In the Additional Instructions box, type “Junior Year in Munich student.  Please attach JYM coursework.”

If you have any difficulties, or you find your transcript has been sent out without your JYM coursework attached (students prior to 2005-06 only), please contact the JYM office. Tel. (313) 577-4605, Email JYM(at)