Admission Requirements

Juniors, seniors and graduate students from any accredited US or Canadian college or university are eligible for admission to Junior Year in Munich programs.

Admission requirements:

1. at least (2) two years of college German with an average grade of at least "B" or the officially documented equivalent which is acceptable to the JYM program administration and to LMU Munich. (We look for the level of German, not the actual number of courses. Please contact JYM in Detroit if you have questions.)

2. above average scholastic ability (a "B" average or better; e.g. 3.0 GPA or above);

3. approval of the student's course of study (as indicated on the Proposed Schedule of Courses) by his/her major advisor, study abroad advisor, and by the Junior Year in Munich;

4. one supportive letter of recommendation from a German faculty member

5. junior status officially documented on the transcript from the home institution prior to departure for Germany (required for registration at LMU Munich). If all or a portion of a transcript is on a Pass/No Pass grading system, students must include evaluation of their course work by their instructors. If the language requirement has been fulfilled on a Pass/No Pass basis, detailed evaluations of the coursework by the German language instructors are required.

Application Deadlines

Full-year Program
Application Deadline: March 15

First Semester only (Wintersemester)
Application Deadline: March 15; Admission requirements are the same as above.
Please see Program Dates for this option.

Second Semester only (Sommersemester)
Application Deadline: October 1; Admission requirements are the same as above.