Overview of Course Work Options

Most JYM students take a combination of JYM Courses and University courses.

Academic Policies

JYM Academic Policies
JYM Student Code of Conduct
Students must also be aware of any requirements or policies governing study abroad from their home college or university.

JYM Language Courses

All students are required to take Advanced German Language (JYG 3100/3200) each semester.

How to Prepare for the JYM Placement Test upon Arrival in Munich

JYM Area Studies Courses

JYM area studies courses are electives taught at the JYM institute. They have been designed to bridge the transition from US-style to German-style university studies, and include field trips and excursions.

JYM Courses & Descriptions

University Courses

All JYM students are directly enrolled at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t M√ľnchen (LMU Munich) and have access to the full university curriculum except medicine and law.

FAQ What can I study at LMU Munich?

Please Note: Courses at German universities often change from semester to semester, and the final schedule of classes (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) will only be available shortly before each semester begins. Therefore you should expect to make adjustments to your Proposed Schedule of Courses when you arrive in Munich for Orientation, and you will need to inform your home school of any changes should that be required of you.

A typical student course schedule consists of a combination of JYM and LMU Munich courses. It is not recommended that students plan to take all their course work at the university, unless their language skills are clearly at the B2 level. This is especially true for the natural sciences and business.

LMU Munich Courses