JYM Academic Policies


Class Load
Admission to the Junior Year in Munich carries with it the student's commitment to participate fully in an approved program of academic work. Students must register for 15 credits per semester, which is considered a normal class load. Only under special circumstances may a student register for more than 15 credits, with the maximum set at 19 credits per semester.

Special Requirements
All students should consult with their home institution regarding any special requirements for minimum or maximum credit or course load while studying abroad.

Distribution of Credit
Courses normally carry 3 credits, 4 if a lab or discussion section is elected, or if the course is a Hauptseminar. Students register for 15 credits per semester. The duration of the LMU Munich Wintersemester (first semester) is 15 weeks, the Sommersemester (second semester) is 14 weeks.

Examinations and Term Papers
The exact requirements for determining a student's final course grade will vary from course to course. In general, students are required to complete either 1) a term paper (Semesterarbeit or Hausarbeit) of approx. 10 pages, 2) a combination of examinations (Klausuren) and an oral report (Referat) submitted in written form, or 3) a combination of both as determined by the instructor.

Written Work Requirement
All coursework in Munich taken under the supervision of JYM requires the completion of written work before credit may be granted.

JYM grading is based on a letter scale, A-F. Students taking courses independently at the LMU Munich must receive a "certificate with grade" (einen benoteten Schein) from their professor before credit is granted. The German number scale of grading is translated into the US letter scale before it is placed on the JYM Grade Report.

JYM students receive an official Wayne State University transcript for all coursework completed in Munich under the supervision of the Junior Year in Munich program. JYM Grade Reports are produced at the end of each semester in Munich and are sent to Wayne State to be posted to an official WSU transcript.

Language of Instruction
Except in rare instances, all coursework offered at the LMU Munich is taught in German. All JYM courses are taught in German.

Internships for Credit
The Junior Year in Munich has formed a partnership with Cultural Vistas that allows students to integrate internship experience with their academic schedule of coursework during the second semester (Sommersemester). The submission on an Internship Portfolio is required for the granting of credit. A Cultural Vistas internship is recorded on the student's transcript as JYG 5890 Overseas Internship (3 credits). Other non-Cultural Vistas internships approved for credit are also awarded 3 credits.

Independent Study / Undergraduate Research
Independent study and undergraduate research projects can be arranged for credit, as long as they have been approved by the student's home school advisor. This should be indicated on the student's Application Form, or written documentation (such as email correspondence) should be presented to the Resident Director as verification of approval. An undergraduate research project is recorded on the student's transcript as JYG 4900 Undergraduate Research Project (3 credits).

Waiver of Advanced German Language instruction requirement
All students are required to enroll in JYG 3100 in the first semester and JYG 3200 in the second semester (Advanced German Language I & II). All or part of this requirement may be waived only if the Resident Director deems a student's German language competence sufficiently high.

Pass/No Pass
Students wishing to take a course on a Pass/No Pass (or similar) basis must first make arrangements with the Resident Director before the semester begins, and supply documentation (such as a photocopy from the college bulletin or a letter/email from the advisor) confirming that this is permissible at their home schools.

A mark of Incomplete may not be given without the approval of the Resident Director. Once approval is obtained, the student requesting an incomplete must make arrangements--before the end of the semester for the course in question--with the faculty member involved and the Resident Director for completion and submission of work. The agreement as to time of submission and work to be submitted must be adhered to or the student will forfeit the right to complete the work.

Withdrawal from a Course
If a student wishes to drop a course, s/he should consult with the Resident Director about the Program's course withdrawal procedure.