About JYM

The Junior Year in Munich is America's oldest intercollegiate study abroad program in Germany, and is officially affiliated with Germany's top-ranked university: Ludwig Maximilians Universität München (LMU Munich).

First established 1931 as an extension of the University of Delaware Foreign Study Plan, Wayne State University sponsored the reopening of the Junior Year in Munich in 1953 as the first junior year abroad program for US undergraduates in postwar Germany. More than 4,780 students from 514 US colleges and universities have studied abroad in Germany with Wayne State's Junior Year in Munich program.

Year & Semester Programs
For more than 60 years, Wayne State's JYM program has advanced the cause of study abroad as an integral part of US undergraduate education. In addition to JYM's time-tested academic year program, today we offer one-semester programs, internship programs, and a summer program for talented college freshmen students of German.

German University Integration
JYM insists on continuing the distinguished tradition of academically integrated study abroad — a program model that offers maximum opportunity for the academic, cultural, and social immersion of US students studying abroad in Germany as bonafide German university students. Our status at LMU Munich makes this possible. JYM is not a so-called island program nor an American campus abroad. Rather, the JYM program enjoys privileged status as an affiliated academic institute approved by the LMU Munich Academic Senate, and an official course of study (Teil-Studiengang) approved by the Bavarian State Ministry of Culture. Hence our name, the "Junior Year in Munich an der Universität München."

More than Study Abroad
JYM has gone far beyond its origins in the junior year abroad tradition. We have introduced a progressive series of initiatives that take place before, during, and well beyond our students' participation in the program to nurture the next generation of transatlantic leaders, colleagues and team-workers.

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