About the Junior Year in Munich an der Universität München (JYM)

Sponsored by Wayne State University since 1953, JYM is America's oldest study abroad program in Germany.

LMU Munich LichthofFor more than 60 years, JYM has advanced study abroad as an integral part of US undergraduate education. More than 4,000 students from 514 US colleges and universities have studied abroad in Germany with JYM.

JYM enjoys privileged status as an affiliated academic institute at LMU Munich approved by the LMU Munich Academic Senate, and is an official course of study (Teil-Studiengang) approved by the Bavarian State Ministry of Culture. Hence our name, the "Junior Year in Munich an der Universität München."

JYM students are enrolled at LMU Munich and have access to the full university curriculum in any major, except law and medicine. Students create their course own schedule from among University Courses, JYM Courses (German Language and Area Studies electives), Undergraduate Research Projects and Internships. All instruction is in German.

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