LMU Munich Courses

JYM students are enrolled at LMU Munich and have the opportunity to take courses in just about any subject area except those where registration are restricted, such as law and medicine.

See what courses JYM students have taken recently at LMU Munich (PDF)

When looking for LMU courses to take, students need to find the right balance between their language abilities and the courses they are interested in taking. Some disciplines at German university, for example, presuppose different advanced or prerequisite knowledge than how these disciplines are taught in the US. For example, some science and business courses may assume more (or perhaps a different) level of competency in math than in the US, or certain courses in medieval history may require knowledge of Latin.

Although the combination of prerequisite knowledge and non-native German language proficiency may make some courses out of reach for JYM students, there are still thousands of courses offered at LMU Munich each semester. JYM students have always found interesting, challenging and rewarding courses to take. Flexibility and compromise is the way JYM students always have dealt with studying at LMU Munich succesfully.

Intro to Searching for LMU Munich Courses

Handbook to Help You Search for LMU Munich Courses (PDF)

LSF Online-Portal is the gateway to the current schedule of classes (LMU Vorlesungsverzeichnis)

Quick and Easy Method to find University Courses (PDF)

Registering for LMU Courses

You will be registering for LMU courses using the LSF Online Portal. How to use the system and register for courses is covered during Orientation and JYM staff will assist you.

The LSF Online Portal is also used to register for course exams when required.

The LSF Online Portal is also used to withdraw from a course.